Accident at work *, Who is Liable?

A physical or mental injury or both are normally the result of a workplace accident. Thankfully the large majority of employers recognise that in order to maintain output that good health and safety is right for their business and consequently they will take the very necessary steps to ensure their production of goods and that their workplace environment is right for their employees as much as possible.

Unfortunately, some employers will always breach the health and safety regulations, and even good employers’ work procedures fall down at times as equipment or machines malfunction which can lead to accidents in the workplace and if you have suffered from an accident at work * you may contact an experienced personal injury solicitor who specializes in work accidents immediately to protect your legal rights.

After many work accidents, the injured employee who has suffered the injuries may be in a position to take legal action against the employer by the taking out of a personal injury claim. It has to be proved that the work accident was the consequence of an unsafe workplace. Work accidents can and do happen in any place or environment that an employee is required by law to be during the course of their time at work. It is also vital to find out whether the workplace was fit for purpose or in a dangerous situation.

For the employee it is very important that what exactly happened of how the work accident came about is very critical for a personal injury claim.

Accident at Work Who is Liable

Here is something that happens a lot and it is where employees have either not received enough relevant training for their jobs or worse that in a few cases no relevant training at all and as a result they get an injury as a result of working on task with which they have not been trained, such as shifting heavy furniture or machines on the shop floor or office equipment. You may be entitled to make a personal injury claim if your employer is found negligent for the cause of your accident. Personal injury awards will depend on the severity of your injuries and by reference to the PIAB Book of Quantum. Typical injuries * could include;

  • Cuts and laserations
  • Back injuries
  • Workplace burns
  • Broken bones
  • Muscle damage, such as torn muscles and bruising
  • More difficult injuries, including spinal and brain injury accident
  • Workplace fatalities

Under the current Health and Safety legislation in Ireland every single employer is obliged to do a risk assessment analysis to make sure that their workplace is safe and free from potential hazards, and that any potential risk of injury to their employees is kept to a strict minimum. Some positions unfortunately will always carry more risk, such as the operator of heavy machinery.

However, the employer must always give the employee the right and correct safety equipment for the job and ensure that all employees are both correctly trained and have the ability to perform all their manoeuvers safely. It is considered a breach in their duty of care to employees if an employer fails in these clear responsibilities. If you have been injured in a work related incident, you may choose to contact a Personal injury solicitor just as soon as you are able to.

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