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The Injuries Board originally set up as the Personal Injury assessment board a statutory body in 2003 to regulate the whole area of Personal injury claims but interestingly enough not Medical Negligence claims.

There was significant concern on the part of many that the Personal Injury claims process was totally out of control and therefore the Government of the time set up the Personal Injury assessment board (PIAB) at the time and then changed its name some years after to the Injuries Boards.

The Government’s thinking was to standardise the procedure and to cut back the number of personal injury claims that would end up in court. The standardisation was achieved by the Injuries Boards publishing and updating what they call a Book of Quantum.

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The Book of Quantum gives values on various personal injuries for example a broken leg or a broken arm etc. What it does not do is take into consideration the severity of personal injuries or the subsequent pain and suffering or the nature or extent that may have been suffered. It was hoped that by making it not necessary to employ personal injury solicitors for claims in Ireland that this would reduce the costs of an injury claim. However there are significant reasons why a personal injury solicitor should be on board from the start and they are dealt with below.

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Injuries board cases and relationship to the piab book of quantum

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How the PIAB Personal Injuries Assessment Board process works for claims assessment of personal injuries in Ireland

Nearly all personal injury claims, but not Medical Negligence claims have to be submitted to the Injuries Boards for a personal injuries assessment. Personal Injuries assessment starts when you submit to them their completed form of assessment along with a medical assessment form which is obtained from your GP or your hospital, depending on where you have been treated.

Some months go by and then the Injuries Boards issue a recommendation or they issue an authorisation to proceed to court proceedings. You should note neither you or the defending Insurance Company is obliged to accept the Injuries Board’s recommendation. You might think the offer two low or the Insurance Company may think that the recommendation is too high.

The net result is that you will need a personal injury solicitor to negotiate a settlement for your injuries claim with the Insurance Company. If that fails and much less than 5% of all negotiations fail then your injury claim in Ireland will have to go to court for settlement.

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Pitfalls in the Injuries Board process;

A simple straight forward minor error when the filing of the application for assessment could invalidate your personal injury claim completely. For example the incorrect name of the insurance company who represents the negligent party who you hold responsible for your personal injury in your accident or even its address could have your claim invalidated and what could be worse many months after it was filed. As the Statute of Limitations in Ireland has a time limit of two years from the date of the accident, except for minors who have not yet achieved their eighteenth birthday, this delay could indeed be very costly for you indeed as you might be out of time.

As indicated in 1 above many months will pass before the Injuries Boards issues their recommendation for you to accept or reject your claim in rejecting the award either by yourself or the Insurance Company. In that time vital evidence may no longer be available to you. This could include vital witnesses to the injury claim in Ireland who may no longer recall clearly the events of some months passed or who may have even moved on. This could put your injury claim in serious jeopardy and it is therefore preferable that you bring a personal injury solicitor and co solicitors on board from the very beginning.

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So do not hesitate and call 01 524 0606 now for your consultation or fill in the contact form with your name and telephone number and we will get back to you shortly or at your convenience.

The TD Finian McGrath has claimed recently that a very high percentage of road traffic accidents, in particular car accidents are being settled amicably out of the Injuries Boards process and this is leading to a high rate of increase in the cost of motor insurance premiums for thousands of people. He says that these road traffic accident claims in particular should all go to court and the compensation would be settled by the judiciary.It is not clear to most people how this new methodology would affect the car insurance premiums of us all. Legal advice costs money and representation in Court by solicitor and a barrister will not come cheap. It is a bit of a mystery, like the disappearance of Trevor Deely in 2000 as to what effect this would have on car insurance premiums. Check the newspaper archives on Google for more information.


Here is a list of the likely claims that would necessitate you using the Injuries Boards if you suffered a personal injury as a result of negligence by a third party and even if there was some contributory negligence in the accident;


  1. Road traffic Accidents are defined by accidents on the road such as car accidents involving cars, Lorries, vans, buses, motor bikes, bicycles and pedestrians. As our roads are still in poor condition with few motorways or dual carriages in Ireland, they have to cater for ever increasing road traffic and consequently there are more and more road traffic accidents and we all may well be involved in at least road traffic accident in our lives, maybe more.
  2. Slips, Falls and Trips. Have we not all encountered either wet floors or worn carpets or uneven surfaces or pot holes that one way or another has sent us flat on the ground. All types of personal injuries can unfortunately result from a slip, fall or a trip as we certainly are not prepared for the occasion.
  3. Work injuries and accidents. Although ever increasing Health and Safety legislation has made the work place a much safer place, unfortunately accidents and injuries still happen. Faults in tools and various types of machines and equipment have simply not gone away. On top of that employees are still being asked to perform some difficult tasks where they have had no training or inadequate training and personal injuries still happen unfortunately.
  4. Holiday accidents and injuries. In your new, unfamiliar and sometimes exciting environment and when you are as relaxed as much as possible then things often can go wrong through no fault of your own and a personal injury can totally spoil a well earned holiday for you and your family.

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The Injuries Boards process can seem complicated enough from the outside but here are some useful places where you can make yourself more aware with the PIAB Injuries Board process

  • Citizens Information can be helpful in these matters. Contact them on http://www.citizensinformation.ie and they should have some impartial advice.
  • The Injuries Board itself has a really good website even if it is a little long and the language a little complicated. Look at this site piab.ie
  • Another is a solicitor called McGarrs to be found on mcgarrsolicitors.ie/piab a good read in the main

Better off still you would be far better off by giving us a quick call on 01 524 0606 or send us the completed form on the website and we will arrange a consultation at your convenience.