How Long Do You Have to Make a Claim After an Accident at Work * ?

In Ireland for adults who are thinking of making a claim for personal injury, the general rule is that they have two years from the date of the workplace accident in which to make a claim. If you are in work and are under the age of eighteen then it is two years from your eighteenth birthday.

Although the statute of Limitations is tight there are other things that need to be looked at. A claim for a workplace accident resulting in personal injuries claim happens when an employee suffers personal injuries as a result of a workplace accident which happened through the negligence of a another person.

The accident may happen in an office, in a shop, in the workplace, in a field, on a construction site or just anywhere where there is workplace activity. The workplace injury must have been the fault of a third party whether it arises from dysfunctional work machines or equipment or tools or no training or inadequate training or for many different reasons

Make a Claim After an Accident at Work

Whatever the reason for your work accident you will need to have a Personal injury solicitor on board to protect your legal rights after your work accident. Your Personal injury solicitor should at once get in touch with your employer asking for a copy of the CCTV footage if they have it and they should as well get from them a very full account of the accident, a schedule of any witnesses as well as their details, such as their home addresses and land line or mobile telephone numbers, any written account of what happened in the accident for example for the accident in the workplace or possibly an accident report connected with the accident, photographs of where the workplace accident took place and photographs of the injuries suffered.

As well as what has been mentioned above it can as well be necessary for the Personal injury solicitor to get in touch with the employer asking that they keep the same equipment, machines, tools and materials that we involved the workplace accident. It is very often required by the Health & Safety Authority to be told of the accident and it really is a result of how bad the work accident was.  The Personal injury solicitor will tell you whether or not the Health & Safety Authority should be told of the workplace accident.

Normally, if an employee is not in work for a period of three consecutive days after a workplace accident because of a personal injury, then they have to inform the Health and Safety Authority of the workplace accident. If you have been involved in a work place accident you need to visit your GP or your local A&E department who will examine you and document an analysis of your injuries straight away.  In the more serious workplace accidents it may be imperative to get an ambulance which will take you to A&E in hospital.

The A&E department will always note down what happened on your visit and will note the details of your work injuries suffered in the accident in the workplace. These medical details will be invaluable for your Personal injury solicitor if you make a personal injury claim.  If you attend your own GP, then your Personal injury solicitor will get in touch with your GP asking for a copy of their full medical report of your injuries suffered.

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