Amputation Claims *

Traumatic amputation as the direct result of an accident is the term used to describe circumstances where an amputation occurred. Often workplace accidents that involve heavy machinery and serious Road traffic accidents that cause a crush injury may cause a traumatic amputation. Whatever the accident, whether it is a work injury or accident, a slip, fall or trip or more often or not a road traffic accident or as a result of hospital or possibly clinical negligence, most people will find that the loss of a limb is one of the most difficult injuries to come to terms with.

The whole process of readjusting to life without a limb will not only be a very difficult one but a lengthy one, not only for the person who has lost a limb but also for their family and friends. There will be many parts of the person who has lost a limb’s life which will have to be reinvented, not just the design and fitting of the artificial limb to allow the person to enjoy life to the full, so far as it is possible, for them to get back to their physical condition that they had before the accident.

In that difficult time of getting used to the fact of becoming an amputee, as well as taking care of a Personal injury claim can be a very traumatic experience. Making a Personal injury claim can get you the money in order to change your lifestyle and put you in position to take advantage of any new advancement in technology. Getting legal advice is only the start of what a competent and experienced Personal injury solicitor will get for your future. If you have suffered from a serious Personal injury that led to the taking off of a limb, a Personal injury solicitor can help your overall psychological and physical return to work and society. Loss of a limb is a very specialised area of the Personal injury law in Ireland and the past experience of your Personal injury solicitor is very important.

Getting a successful and experienced Personal injury solicitor with specific experience in taking loss of limb claims is a key factor in ensuring the best possible result for the client. The HSE treats hundreds of new amputation injury patients every year. Although the number of diabetes-related amputations is rising, a percentage of newly-referred cases also relate to amputations resulting from traumatic accidents, delayed treatment and misdiagnosis. Regardless of the circumstances, if you have been harmed as the result of another party’s negligence or actions, you may be eligible to make a personal injury claim*. The adaptation of the amputee’s existing housing, or possibly a move to a new and more suitable house or flat, will almost certainly be on the cards and the net cost for this should be added to the Personal injury claim. *

Typically in Ireland road traffic accidents involving a pedestrian, cyclist, passenger or driver, frequently result in very serious and life-changing injuries. If you have sustained an amputation injury as the result of a road accident, you may have grounds for a Personal injury claim. It is also possible to make a Personal injury claim even if you were partly responsible for the Road traffic accident. Choose your Personal injury solicitor carefully and especially a Personal injury solicitor who has both lots of amputee experience.

Amputation Claims

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