Road Accident Claims Process

Car accident claims procedure

Now we never plan a car accident in advance, do we? It is just not possible as the possibilities are just too many to accurately plan. However, the statistics show that we are likely to be in at least one and possibly two car accidents in our life time so do we know what to do in those circumstances? Can we have a car accident claims procedure? Very often after a car accident the shock that you have suffered may make logical thought difficult and what to next and how to go about it may be not easy to think about. The very first thing is to look after your physical self-first and then anyone else that might be injured at the scene.

If necessary, call an ambulance for the serious hurt; but remember to find out where you are and give that to ambulance people! Then you should ensure that you get not only the person at faults details but also any witness’s details that are at the scene. From the person at fault this should include name, address, vehicle registration, make, model, insurance details (name of the insurance company and policy number) and telephone contact number and email if possible. Call the Guardia and inform them of the accident and again let them know where the accident is. Depending both on their availability and on the seriousness of the accident they may or may not attend but you must inform them.

Make sure that you take down the name and number of the Garda who takes your call as they must take down the details of the accident and this is important in any car accident claim. Most if not all mobile phones today have a very good digital camera so use the camera in your mobile phone to take pictures not only of the damage to the vehicles but also to their positions in the road. Once again this is important in any car accident claim. Do not let anyone move the vehicles until this is done.

You should always inform your own insurance company of the accident as soon as possible even if you feel it was not your own fault. Under no circumstances should you admit liability or fault to any one at the scene of the car accident. Often when in shock from an accident we say things that we regret later. When all the above has been done then you should choose an experienced and successful Personal Injury Solicitor to advise you on any personal injury claim for your injuries. You need to choose someone with the following characteristics: They must be;

  1. Likeable
  2. A good communicator
  3. A sense of urgency
  4. Positively reviewed online in Google and Trust Pilot
  5. A Solicitor that specialises in Personal Injury Claims only
  6. A proven track record over a period of time

A good team of back up staff is essential


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