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As we know bones come are all very different in size this means that bone breaks can be very difficult to diagnose from X-rays and CT scans and can often be easily overlooked by the medical professionals. A fractured or broken limb can cause many problems if they are not diagnosed early enough and reset promptly and correctly.

Some bad fractures may require complicated surgery in order to get at the site of the broken limb and it may often be necessary, for the bones to knit, for the Consultant to join and at a later date to remove plates or pins which could bring about a great deal of pain and difficulties later. Medical negligence claims frequently arise because fractures are missed in the Accident and Emergency departments, because x-rays are misinterpreted or not taken at all. Sometimes the fracture cannot be seen on the x-ray.

Nearly most bones in the human body may be fractured or broken in an accident. Personal injuries can range from the straightforward broken big toe or little finger to a dead simple and straightforward broken arm, leg or shoulder. Indeed more catastrophic breaks such as fractures to the head can often lead to a serious brain injury.

Any delay in receiving the correct treatment to heal the broken bone, even on straight forward fractures may result in a delay getting the correct treatment and may possibly require you further surgery later on and, in a few severe fractures can cause you permanent damage. Indeed, unless the fractured bone can be seen as being in the wrong place, symptoms that come with breaks such as swelling, pain and the wrong shape may often be misdiagnosed and called as a straightforward sprain or strain.

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Fracture Claims

The only concrete way to diagnose correctly a bone fracture is by getting an x-ray or even more accurate a CT scan. Most bone fractures are the straightforward break with no clear visible signs of injury on the skin, however in a compound break a broken limb can go through the skin. Comminuted breaks happen when the limb breaks into many pieces and are often a result of falls, slips and trips. Worse still where a break is a joint which maybe the elbows, hips, wrists, thumb knees, or fingers, there can be a real threat risk of getting arthritis when you get older. Whether a straightforward or complicated fracture they can have a painful and ongoing input and consequence on your mobility and health.

However the root of your fractured and or broken bones or what you may have to put up with after a misdiagnosed break you need an experienced and successful Personal injury solicitor now to guide you. Fractures of one of the bones that form the carpal bones of the wrist are often missed in diagnosis. Typically a wrist injury usually comes from a fall onto the outstretched hand with the wrist extended which has been extended in order to break the fall.

Initially it might look like there is a lot of swelling and there may be a pain in the wrist as well as a loss in the hand grip strength. In making a Personal injury claim it may be necessary to take care of any financial problems that you may have, especially if you are not able to continue to work or for you to enjoy a good lifestyle because of your Personal injury. If you win your Personal injury claim for compensation then you should recover the cost of all necessary therapy and equipment that you will need, as well as being able to afford a rehabilitation program to speed up your recovery.

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