Explain if No Win No Fee Agreements are legal in Ireland

There is a lot of speculation and conjecture about the legality in Ireland of No win No Fee and many people feel very confused by this term and maybe we should start this article by defining exactly what No Win No fee stands for, as everyone has a different opinion.

What The Cambridge Dictionary says about No Win No Fee?

“No Win No Fee describes an arrangement between a lawyer / solicitor and a client where the lawyer / solicitor only gets paid if he or she achieves a satisfactory result for the client”

Sometimes No Win No Fee is described as a No Win No Foal arrangement or a Contingency Fee agreement, but the meaning as described by the Cambridge dictionary is the same.

Is No Win No Fee legal in Ireland?

Yet again it would seem that a lot of people are confused as to whether or not it is legal in Ireland.No win, no fee agreements are legal in Ireland, but lawyers / solicitors who use them must follow certain rules. These rules, laid down by the Law Society of Ireland, who govern the legal profession in Ireland, explain what solicitors may and may not do to advertise their services. Solicitors who offer no win, no fee agreements may not openly advertise them.

Can then Lawyers / Solicitors offer No Win No agreements in Ireland?

The straight forward answer is YES they can offer No Win No Fee agreements. The only thing that the Law Society says that a lawyer / solicitor cannot do is to advertise the fact that they offer No Win No Fee agreements. In their publicity or website they can explain what a No Win No Fee agreement is but they are not allowed to say that the offer the product! Most Personal Injury lawyers / solicitors offer their clients in Ireland No Win No Fee agreements.

Advantages of No Win No Fee agreements?

  • Available to everyone. Access is broad and available to everyone. Personal Injuries and accidents unfortunately happen to anyone, regardless of their means. Now, anyone who has been injured has legal protection
  • The claimant can come to an agreement with the lawyer / solicitor quickly.
  • Off course no lawyer / solicitor will take a case on where they think that they will probably lose as they will not get paid!
  • No stress for the claimant as the funding of the claim is taken right out of the equation.
  • No Lawyer / solicitor need motivation! But No win No Fee will concentrate their minds on winning so that they can get paid!

No Win No Fee explained?

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