No Win No Fee Solicitors and Airline Compensation Claims Explained

Just recently there has been an interesting development in the UK in the claims by passengers against airlines and airports for damages for the late departures of flights. Most people know that a No Win No Fee agreement is often used by Personal Injury solicitors and Medical Negligence Solicitors involving cases for injuries and harm caused by a third party. No Win No Fee is often called a No Win No Foal or a Contingency agreement and means that you will not pay any fees or costs if you lose your case. You will only pay if you win and in many cases,those costs and fees are paid by the loser.

Well now No Win No Fee agreements are being offered to prospective clients who have suffered delays in their departing aircraft! One enterprising No Win No Fee solicitor with a national presence has just recently published a guide to UK airports and it can be loosely summarised as follows;

It starts by discussing the plethora of choices of airports that are available in the UK, there are big airports, there are small airports, there are local and there are regional airports. Clearly the bigger airports have a much larger choice of destinations, holiday packages but they are generally more hassle, more stress than the smaller airports. On top of that there are times of the year that are far busier than others and when airports are busy there is a greater chance of delays. So, prepare in advance for delays they say and get your contingency legal plans ready!

The Worst Months

It is not rocket science to realise that the really busy times for an airport when there are more people using it are the holiday months of July and August and the Christmas and Easter times followed closely by the school half terms. The No Win No Fee Personal injury solicitor also says that at Christmas and at the February half term there is a bigger risk of suffering from bad weather and consequently from delays.

Steer Clear of the Capital

Clearly the greatest choice of destinations is London as there are four major airports and several minor ones around the capital. However, the worst airport in the UK for delays is Gatwick with a delay factor of over 30% and in second place is Luton. One of the largest airports in the world Heathrow is down in 9th place for delays in the UK which makes it a good choice.

The Airline Plays a Part The other major factor that you may have to question, according to the No Win No Fee Solicitors, is that of the airline you are flying with.  Sadly, while the many budget airlines may save you money up front they are notorious for their very poor organisation and strict legal minimum maintenance which can lead to more significant delays. If you are not clear about this talk to your No Win No Fee Personal Injury Solicitor.  

Be Clear on your Rights and Entitlements In order for you to be eligible for damages in the form of a cash pay-out the delay must have exceeded 3 hours. Between 2 and 3 hours the airport should offer you meals and drinks etc. There are strict guidelines on the amount that is paid out so check what you might be entitled to with your No Win No Fee solicitor.

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