No Win No Foal explained in Personal Injury Claims

No Win No Foal is often used in a legal context to denote that the business being transacted will not attract fees or costs until there is a positive outcome. To some No Win No Foal is also known as a Contingency agreement or No Win No Fee agreement.

The legal context of No Win No Foal can be mainly analysed into tort cases and more specifically into the Personal Injury and Medical Negligence areas of the law. Typically, a Personal Injury Solicitor will offer to take on your case for personal injury for an injury suffered in an accident when the fault was with a third party for no fee or costs unless the claim is successful. If the personal injury claim is lost, then no fees or costs are due to the Personal Injury solicitors.

Some people applaud the idea of No Win No Foal agreements as it is away to put the Law in reach of those that are not capable of affording an expensive Personal Injury Solicitors. How many people suffer accidents and after they have taken care of their physical well being they get stressed by the thought of having to pay expensive legal fees to their Personal Injury Solicitor to take out a Personal Injury claim.. Well off or not so well off No Win No Foal agreements put the Personal Injury and Medical Negligence area of the law within reach of all.

However, there are those who believe that by helping people with a No Win No Foal agreement that you are encouraging people to make Personal Injury Claims that they would not normally have made. This No Win No Foal agreement they say encourages also fraudulent and inflated Personal Injury claims and that because of No Win No Foal insurance premiums will rise for everyone.

So, what do we believe in? We beieve the Law should be accessible to all regardless of their financial situation and should not be restricted to those people who can afford it?

All solicitors in Ireland are regulated by the Law Society of Ireland. They are very strict about what Personal Injury Solicitors can put in their advertisements or in their websites. Anything that is considered to be inflammatory or sensationalist is strictly policed by the Law Society and is not allowed. A victim of this policy is No Win No Foal as it is considered by some as encouraging people who have been injured in an accident to make a personal injury claim.When you go and see a Personal Injury Solicitor there is nothing stopping them offering you a No Win No Foal deal to help you make a Personal Injury claim for your injuries.

Many people consider this to be wrong as when unfortunately someone is injured in an accident through no fault of their own, adding financial stress to that person about how to pay for a personal injury claim when No Win No Foal arrangements are available but solicitors are not allowed to advertise that fact!

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