Is there a time limit on Personal Injury claims * ?

Behavior of Personal Injury Claimants

Any Personal Injury Solicitor in Ireland will tell you that most clients who have potential personal injury claims make their approach to their chosen solicitors in a relatively short time after their accident in which they were injured. However, their experience shows that a significant minority of potential clients leave it to either the last minute before the time limit is up or even leave it to after the time limit has expired!

Why do some personal injury claimants leave it so late to make a claim?

They leave it late for two main reasons. Firstly, they are un aware that personal injury claims become Statute barred to them two years after the incident date or “date of knowledge” and secondly, there are those kind of people who go through life practicing what is known as a “” technique and leave everything that they have to do to the very last minute. So please do not hesitate after your accident and call Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin on 015240606 now to get solid legal advice on the matter.

The time limit for Personal Injury Claims

Is there a firm time limit on making a personal injury claim before they become Statute barred in Ireland?Yes there is a firm date by which personal injury claims need to be started in Ireland and the date is two years from the date of the accident or “date of knowledge” that you were injured.There is an exception to the two year rule which is treated in the paragraph below.

Are there any exceptions to the two year rule for starting personal injury claims?

Yes there is a significant exception to the two year rule of starting a personal injury claim which applies to minors (the definition of minors applies to those who are under the age of eighteen) who wish to make a personal injury claim. The two year time limit for minors starts from their eighteenth birthday and ends for them on their twentieth birthday.

What are the advantages of starting a personal injury claim straight after the accident?

Here are some of the advantages;

  • No problem with the two year Statute barred rule
  • Witnesses and key evidence are more likely to be available
  • Witnesses’ memory is more likely to be reliable
  • The earlier you start the earlier you will probably finish your personal injury claim
  • Momentum is created

Who should I get legal advice on starting a personal injury claim from?

Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin firmly recommend that you get professional advice from them as soon as possible both firstly about the time limit for you to make a Personal Injury claim and secondly on how they can make a personal injury claim by picking up the telephone and calling them on 015240606 now. Remember the personal injury claim process can be a long one and can take a year or more to get an outcome so do not delay in starting the process. Simply do not get caught out like so many do and contact us now.

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