What is Considered to be a Personal Injury * ?

A Personal Injury normally happens when someone breaches the duty of care owed to you or alternatively they were negligent and the end result is you sustaining a personal injury. Many times you will have heard the word negligent twined with personal injury, which is not the norm or expected behavior as described by Irish law. The legal word for fault is negligence.

Personal injury often prevents many people from continuing to have a reasonable standard of living as they had before and may in certain cases cause emotional damages as well as the physical injuries.

Personal Injury Types

For many people who often couple car accident injuries to the large majority of personal injury claims, there are many other different accidents that come in this area of the law. Here you will find lists of the various types of accidents that can often be included within the personal injury category.

1. Road traffic Accidents

Road Traffic Accidents are what describes accidents on the road such as car accidents involving cars, Lorries, trucks, tractors, vans, buses, motor bikes, bicycles and pedestrians. As our roads have to cater for ever increasing traffic there are more and more road traffic accidents and we all may well be involved in at least one serious road traffic accident in our lives and maybe two.

2. Slips, Falls and Trips

We have all of us unfortunately encountered wet floors or worn carpets or uneven surfaces or pot holes that have sent us flying to the ground. All types of personal injuries can result from a slip, fall or trip as we certainly are not prepared in advance to be ceremoniously dumped on the ground by the negligence or fault of a third party.

What is Considered to be a Personal Injury

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3. Work injuries and accidents.

Although Health and Safety legislation has made the work place a safer place than it once was, work accidents and injuries still happen. Faulty tools and machines and equipment have not gone away and are still with us. Employees are still being asked to perform tasks where they have had no training at all or inadequate training and personal injuries still happen on a regular basis unfortunately.

4. Holiday accidents and injuries.

In a new environment and when relaxed on holiday things can go wrong with a Holiday accident and injury through no fault of your own and a personal injury can totally spoil a well earned holiday.

5. Medical Negligence.

Mistakes can happen and the consequences might be dramatic. Misdiagnosis, wrong prescriptions, wrong doses, and errors in surgery – the list can go on forever. When you are treated by a Medical professional you are entitled to expect a “Duty of Care” from that Medical professional who you hold responsible for your well being.

It does not matter if that Medical professional is a Consultant or a Surgeon or a Doctor or a Nurse or a Psychologist, indeed some psychological injuries can come under this heading or even a dentist or anyone else who treats you. Medical Negligence claims do not go the Injuries Boards and can take longer than Personal Injury claims to resolve.

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