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We are Personal Injury Solicitors based in Dublin. We help people every day of the week (weekends and bank holidays included) that have either been injured or harmed as a result of an accident or have suffered from Medical Negligence. We deal with Personal injury claims as a result of both the harm and Personal Injury and apart from making the whole process as easy as possible we seek to maximise your injury claim as much as we possibly can.

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Personal Injuries Categories Here are the major categories of personal injuries;

Car Accidents

A road traffic accident with a car or a lorry or a bus or a motor bike or a bicycle or a pedestrian can cause serious personal injuries. Road accidents are extremely dangerous and unfortunately are on the rise at this time.

Slips, trips and falls

We have all of us found ourselves on the ground at one time or another. Mostly with no harm done but a wet floor or a torn carpet can cause serious damage. Accidents in public may well be due to flaws in the pavement and public liability may well come into play.

Work Injuries and accidents

Even though there is considerable emphasis on Health and Safety today anyone can become a victim of faulty machinery or worn tools. Sometimes we are forced to perform tasks without adequate training or none at all with personal injuries resulting.

Accidents on holiday

When we relax, like when on holiday we often take our eyes off the ball and in an unfamiliar environment we may be vulnerable.

Types of Personal Injuries Accidents in these categories may well result in you suffering the following types of personal injuries and claims for redress;

Arm injuries

Face injuries

Hand injuries

Brain injuries

Neck injuries*

Hip injuries

Knee injuries

Ankle injuries

Leg injuries

Foot injuries

How to go about making a Personal Injury Claim

All personal injury claims in Ireland, except for Medical Negligence have to be filed with the Injuries boards (Formerly known as the PIAB). We will deal with the Medical Negligence process later.

The Injuries boards have a specific form that needs to be completed and filed with a medical report to the Injuries boards. We will write to your GP for this report to enable the filling to be done as promptly as possible.

The Medical report will show what injuries you have suffered and any medium or long term consequences that may arise.