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Agreements Explained on Personal injury Fees Charges and Legal Fees

This law firm employs expert solicitors dealing with Personal Injury cases based in central Dublin, with branch offices throughout Ireland and is one of the most positively reviewed Google & Trust Pilot law firms in Ireland.

Every day of the year (weekends and bank holidays included) we help, as injury solicitors, people who through no fault of their own have either been injured or harmed whether the Personal Injury is serious or not as a result of an accident through no fault of their own or have suffered Medical Negligence from a lack of Duty of Care.

Each claim will be dealt with personally by one of our Solicitors who has access to a panel of consultants and barristers to assist them in bringing your case to a successful conclusion.

What are no win no fee * solicitors agreements and how do they work in Ireland?

The role of your Personal Injury Solicitor or Personal Injury Barrister in our personal injury law firm is simply to make the whole injury or Medical negligence claims process as easy as possible for you, our client, in what are sometimes stressful times when you are both recovering from your injuries after an accident and also may be short of money from your inability to work.

Please note that our Law firm differs from most other law firms in that for over 20 years we only specialize in Personal injury and Medical negligence claims - meaning all types of personal injury and this is all we do. We are a niche law firm and experts in the field.

Personal Injuries And The Injuries Board (PIAB)

All Personal injury claims in Ireland, except for Medical Negligence claims have to be submitted to the Injuries Board (formerly known as PIAB). In theory, there is no need for you to engage a Personal Injury Solicitor in Dublin, although there are some very real reasons why you should take on a Solicitor with a competent legal team behind them. See a separate paragraph further down this page for details.

The Injuries Board (PIAB) has a specific form that needs to be completed and filed with a medical report on the injuries suffered in your accident. Your Personal Injury Law firm will write to your GP to get hold of this report to enable the filling to be done as promptly as possible with the Injuries Board.

The Medical report will show what injuries you have suffered and any medium or long term consequences that may arise from them. So do not hesitate and call us your Personal Injury Solicitors on 01 9036408 now for your consultation or fill in the contact form with your name and telephone number and we will get back to you shortly or at a time of your convenience.

Our Major Categories of Personal Injuries

Some of the Types of Injuries and Claims Dealt with by our injury claims Solicitors and Lawyers

Arm Injuries
Wrist Injuries
Shoulder Injuries
Face Injuries
Whiplash Claims
Hand Injuries
Brain Injuries
Neck Injuries
Hip Injuries
Motorcycle accidents
Knee Injuries
Ankle Injuries
Leg Injuries
Foot Injuries
Car accident claims

See Why We Are Ireland's Most Positively Reviewed Personal Injury Solicitor on Google and in Dublin Ireland

Listen to A Client's Success Story

I was in a car accident back in October. I was rear ended so I was left with a back injury and a shoulder injury.

I rang a few different solicitors that I found online, one being Gary Matthews. And I just found the team to be so helpful and informative.

I had a really, really positive experience working with Brown in particular. She was always on the other end of the phone or email.

I highly recommend anyone to work with Gary Matthews as my case was treated with complete professionalism and was actually concluded within four months.

All the stress was taken away from me which I really, really appreciated.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a law firm specialising in a variety of injury claims?

Your critical choice of an experienced local law firm now becomes so important for the outcome of your case, especially when there is loss of earnings and special damages. There are many good law firms in the Dublin area to choose from, and the right choice for you can be so important to the success of your claim. Chose a law firm and their co solicitors with the following characteristics:

  • You must like the Solicitor you are working with, and feel at ease in their company from the start. If you do not then the relationship will rarely improve with time
  • The law firm must be proactive and give you options and choices for your specific claim
  • The firm’s success rate must be excellent in the area of claims with which you are seeking a settlement for damages. Those that specialise in the areas you are needing tend to be the better law firms for injury claims. Remember, you need a specialist law firm acting on your behalf.
  • Check the internet for reviews on the law firm. Of course, each Solicitor will advise you that they can look after your case and get you compensated for damages, but you need to listen to their clients (both past and present) for an independent opinion. Check the online reviews, you do this for everything else, so why not the personal injury solicitors you intend to hire!
  • The specialist injury Solicitor can give you a rough idea of how long the process of taking your claim will take from the start, and understanding your legal protection and taking into account any time limit or other legal costs involved in your specific case.
  • They will have an idea as to the value of your personal claim assessment whether the injury claim is serious or not.
  • The solicitor will give you advice as to the chances of success, time limit, and compensation claims details.
  • The lawyer will explain exactly what No Win No Fee * means in accident claims.
  • The law firm will give you several options and details of how to settle their fees with minimal cash flow throughout the claim process.

Have you suffered as a result of a personal injury and need the support of injuries lawyers?

If you have, we are here for you. Whether it was a work accident, a road traffic accident, a personal car accident or you have had to make any sort of personal injury claims, we are here to help you. We know that this is a time where you will be highly stressed. Any types of injury are not an easy thing to deal with, especially when it comes to accident claims.

There are institutes that want to prolong the length of time it takes for a claim to be dealt with. They do this because the longer it takes, the more money they make. However, this is not the case with us. We have a no win no fee * accident claim process that makes sure that our solicitors are on your side when dealing with another party.

We treat each and every case with the respect it deserves, ensuring that we give you all the pointers you need along the process. Here at Gary Matthews Solicitors, we ensure that your claim is swiftly dealt with and the returns that you get from the other party are highly maximised while affording you the necessary legal protection and helping to navigate through court proceedings that only experienced personal injury solicitors are able to do.

After all, it might also be that because of the accident, you are left without any income coming in, which really does not help you in the situation that you find yourself in. In fact, due to this, some workplaces see employees as a liability, and this is also why we make sure that the process is the most straightforward one for you.

How do I make a claim with your firm?

No matter what kind of personal injury or pain and suffering happened to you in the past or if you ever find yourself in need of help in this area, please make sure that Gary Matthews Solicitors in Dublin are the first ones that you think of.

We can make sure that the process of filing a claim in Ireland is dealt with effectively depending on which solicitors you are in need of and can give you the best advice on how to move forward with this. That is what our law firm does for the multitude of clients that we deal with and that is what we will do for you in your own, personal situation.

What is the Injuries Board (PIAB)?

Most personal injury claims go to the Injuries Board. The Injuries Board publishes what is called a “Book of Quantum”. The Book of Quantum is a reference point for claims assessments, as it labels injuries by a certain value and that’s why your injury solicitors should be able to put a rough value on an injury. After many months the Injuries Boards will give you a written answer on a recommended figure as a settlement for your personal injuries. Neither you nor the Insurance Company defending your personal injury claim for your pain and suffering are obligated to be in a position of accepting the award. Either you will accept or reject the offer. You might think that the offer is too low and the Insurance Company may think it is too much.

In any event your personal injury solicitors will negotiate with the Insurance Company a settlement. If that does not work then you claim will go to court for settlement. According to our experience less than 5 percent of all personal injury claims go to court. So do not hesitate and call 01 524 0606 now for your consultation or fill in the enquiry form (online claim) with your name and telephone number and we will get back to you shortly or at your convenience.

Who regulates the legal profession?

The legal profession in Ireland is regulated by the Law Society of Ireland. All solicitors are bound by their rules and regulations. One of their regulations covers what some people call a “success fee”. A success fee is what lawyers charge their clients for winning their personal injury claims on top of their fees and costs which is generally a percentage or proportion of the total settlement.

In some jurisdictions, this success fee is forbidden and indeed in Ireland, this is the case. Indeed on all paperwork, brochures, flyers, pamphlets, and indeed websites, the following statement must appear “In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.” 

This is a very clear statement indeed, which means that your injury solicitor in Dublin can only charge for his time and expenses. So do not hesitate and call 01 903 6250 now for your consultation or fill in the contact form with your name and telephone number and we will get back to you shortly or at your convenience.

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