How much compensation do you get for whiplash?

Whiplash injury occurs when the neck is forcefully pushed forward and backward. Whiplash injury mainly occurs after a road accident. You can also sustain whiplash injury after physical abuse, flip and fall, and sports accidents. In layman’s language, whiplash injury is a neck strain or sprain, among other soft tissue injuries.

Most whiplash injuries are minor and heal within a few weeks. All you need is to visit a renowned physician who will prescribe the most appropriate treatment plan, including physical exercise and pain medication. However, some victims experience persistent neck pain, which results in other complications.

What Should You Do When You Have a Whiplash?

If you experience pain around your neck, it is imperative to seek immediate medical attention. It is important to know that adrenaline can mask serious whiplash injuries, preventing them from being caught early. Visiting a physician early helps catch injuries before they worsen. If you don’t visit a doctor immediately and wait until you start experiencing pain, the insurance company could argue that your severe injury was not caused by a car accident.

Getting Compensation for Whiplash Injury

Whiplash injury can have a devasting impact on your life. It can make your life uncomfortable and leave permanent effects in your life such as psychological injuries. Victims of whiplash injuries are advised to file a personal injury claim if they strongly feel someone else was at fault. Notably, most people are cooperative, and many of these cases are solved before trial. If the negligent party is not willing to cooperate with you for soft tissue injury and physiological injuries claim, the only way to get justice is to file a lawsuit against them.

Car accidents that lead to severe neck injuries are significant than people can imagine. Neck injury sustained in a road accident can leave you in severe pain or even incapacitated. Sudden forward and backward movements can cause multiple injuries to your neck. If you have suffered whiplash injury after an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, then you need to be compensated.

Numerous whiplash victims are confused about how much compensation they should get. Whether you

sustained a severe or minor whiplash neck injury, its effects can manifest for a more extended period. Most neck injuries show mild symptoms, but the condition worsens day by day. Therefore, it is prudent to visit a seasoned physician to prescribe proper medication before kicking off a personal injury compensation claim.

A whiplash injury mainly occurs when a car breaks instantly, causing your head to move uncontrollably. A violent head jerk can lead to severe brain damage and spinal injuries, leaving you unable to work.

Victims of whiplash injuries are entitled to claim compensation. Compensation could cover several damages such as pain and physiological suffering, medical expenses, and time that’s taken off work. Having a clue of how to calculate whiplash compensation could help you get the highest compensation possible. You only need to show that someone else was at fault, and the accident has led to several damages.

How Much Compensation Can You Get for Soft Tissue Injuries?

Several factors determine the amount of compensation one is entitled to following a whiplash injury. In Ireland, personal injury compensation amounts of mild to severe cases could be valued between €10,000 to €20,000. The key factors used to determine your claim amounts are the length of suffering and the severity of the injuries.

Accident victims that suffer very serious multiple fractures get higher compensation than those that sustain minor head injuries. Fatal accidents that lead to permanent disability or disrupt your way of life should also attract high compensation.

 What Damages Can You Claim in A Whiplash Injuries Claim?

Because whiplash injuries vary from mild to severe, the amount of compensation also differs from one case to another. Each case is unique, which means that the level of compensation is directly proportional to the severity of the accident and duration of suffering. It’s daunting to establish the type of injury claim you are entitled to without the help of a seasoned personal injury solicitor. Here are things to guide you in your claim compensation:

Medical expenses: The amount awarded should fully compensate medical expenses incurred in treating whiplash injury. Medical expenses could include the cost of emergency care, prescription, and treatment costs. Medical expenses that could be incurred in the future should be included too.

Loss of earnings: A victim should be awarded financial compensation for earnings lost due to time taken off work. Should the injuries prevent you from attending to your work, you are entitled to a relatively high amount than what you lost. Compensation is based on your current earning, and potential future earnings should the injuries cause significant disability.

General damages: General amount is awarded for pain and physiological injuries. The severity and

duration of suffering dictates the amount of compensation.

Travel expenses: Travel costs are awarded for out-of-pocket expenses when travelling to and from

the hospital. Additionally, travel expenses could reimburse the amount of money used to meet the personal injury solicitor working on your whiplash claim.

Special damages: You could be awarded compensation for damages that aren’t popular. These include loss of money due to not being able to attend to your business or income lost as a result of not being able to perform in music concerts. There is no exact framework for special damages. Any reasonable damage that could have led to a loss of income could attract special damages compensation.

Phycological trauma: You could be awarded for emotional distress experienced due to severe scarring

and the stress associated with filing a whiplash claim.

When Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

It is essential to seek legal services even when settling personal injury claims out of court. A lawyer will help you get fair compensation for minor to severe injuries. Most people who file knee injury, wrist injury, toe injury, head injury, ankle injury, elbow injury, and leg injury without the help of a legal expert often fail to include important elements of a claim or don’t get to know how to prepare for claims settlement negotiation. Therefore, it is prudent to work with a legal team to help you with a strong argument after a whiplash accident.

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