Do I need a specialised Personal Injury Solicitor? *

You never have to think of Personal Injury * and all that it means until you are involved in an accident, in the car, at work or a slip or fall or you are victim of medical or dental negligence. When your knowledge is a little sketchy it can be very worrying and stressful. The good news is there are many specialist legal firms that will navigate you through the minefield of personal injury claims explaining it in a straightforward manner with legal jargon for you.

Off course that leads to a very specific question. Which is the best personal injury firm to deal with my specific case? It is interesting question as each firm has its own expertise. One may specialise in Medical Negligence another in Car Accidents etc. That is where the firm Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin has an important role to play as they know the relative strengths and weaknesses of our associate Personal Injury Solicitors.

Not only will they provide you with a comprehensive explanation of Personal Injury in Ireland. You will be left in no doubt that their associate Personal Injury Solicitors have expert knowledge of the subject and that they have the right associate personal injury solicitors to get you what you deserve when they pursue your Personal Injury Claim.


They know the worth of each case


They will not hang about. They will push ahead as fast as possible


Nobody can guarantee success but let’s say they win many more than they loose


They will outline at the beginning where you stand

What is the Personal Injury Claims Process?

Your first meeting with the associate solicitor from Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin will set the scene for the whole claim process. Firstly your case will be examined to determine if there is a claim and if so in what area. If there is then the expert associate solicitor will set out exactly what will happen throughout the claims process.

The whole area of Personal Injury Claims can be difficult to understand but they will explain everything to you in a clear and easy fashion just give them a call for a no obligation consultation on 01 524 0606.

What questions do you need to ask?

Who is the best Personal Injury Claims Solicitor to deal with your case?

Why are Personal Injury Claims treated differently to other cases?

They will answer all of the above questions so you will be fully informed in order to make the best decision.

As Personal Injury solicitors in Dublin our associate solicitors have both great expertise and have loads of experience in this area.

This expertise and experience covers all sorts of accidents and injuries, medical and dental negligence. They welcome cases of whiplash and the very difficult subject of brain injury cases

They will take care of all the steps needed when dealing with your claim in a quick fashion with very little needed from you.

Call us now on 01 524 0606 for your consultation and our associate Personal Injury Solicitors will walk you through the process without all the legal jargon.

Important facts

Claim or No Claim

Can I Claim?

Can I Claim? No beating about the bush they will let you know straight away

Claims Process


Process Whatever your claim they have the experience and expertise


No Win No Fee

No Win No Fee Talk to us now without obligation

Time Limit

Time Limits

Time LimitsUnless you are a minor under the age of 18 then you have 2 years from the injury in which to file

Medical Negligence

Medical negligence which also can be known as clinical negligence or malpractice happens when a health care provider or institution fails to provide a standard accepted level of care. The consequences are often serious and can result in permanent damage, psychological trauma or even death.

Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin has a department of associate solicitors dedicated to providing legal advice and assistance to people affected by medical negligence. With years of experience dealing with all forms of clinical malpractice accompanied by a complete understanding of legislation and a drive to obtain justice for all clients, our associate personal injury solicitors will be able to provide you with all the support you need at this difficult time.

Trust us and we will deliver what you deserve.

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*In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.