Cancer Misdiagnosis and Cancer Claims * in Ireland.

It must be one of our greatest nightmares of our lives that in after going for a simple cancer test and getting the all clear that you find out sometime later that your test has resulted in a cancer misdiagnosis has been made! Coupled to that, if treatment had been started shortly after the test, the outcome may well have been more favourable. It is very difficult to know how you might feel in these circumstances. If you are in doubt about your cancer test and a possible cancer misdiagnosis, then you need to call us now on 01 9038579 to discuss your legal options.

You only have to think about the women who are involved in the current cervical cancer smear test scandal. Hundreds have been misdiagnosed, some of them have already passed on and some are in a terminal situation, but what makes it even worse is that when it was realised that there was a serious cancer misdiagnosis they sat on it and did not inform the women concerned. How dreadful is that?  Most of those women are in the prime of their lives and have young families. If you are one of those women or their family who have suffered or think they have been cancer misdiagnosed, please call us now on 01 9038579 to discuss your legal options.

Types of Cancer Misdiagnosis in Ireland *

Cancer misdiagnosis can happen to anyone and can be for the following typical cancers (the list is not exhaustive);

  • Brain tumor
  • Throat
  • Lung
  • Breast
  • Stomach
  • Bowel
  • Melanoma

If you think you have had a cancer misdiagnosis then simply call us now on 01 9038579 to discuss your legal options.

Cancer Misdiagnosis

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Just How and Why Cancer is sometimes Misdiagnosed

The early possibility of cancer may come up through a routine physical examination by your GP, due to results of cancer screening testing or other laboratory tests, or because of symptoms which you bring to your GP’s attention. However you should know that it is not your responsibility to detect that your symptoms may indicate a possible cancer. That is the duty of your GP or specialist. Cancer can be overlooked or misdiagnosed in many ways including;

  • Failure by your GP or specialist to perform a thorough and complete physical examination
  • Failure of your GP or specialist to adequately follow up or communicate with the patient
  • Failureof your GP  to recognise early warning signs and symptoms
  • Failure of your GP to recommend or offer cancer screening
  • Failure of your GP or specialist to take a careful and detailed history
  • Failure of all parties to go for tests due to financial concerns
  • Improper performance or interpretation of radiological or laboratory testing
  • Failure of your GP  to refer you to appropriate specialists
  • Communication errors between doctors and medical facilities

Clearly some of the above reasons are breach of the “Duty of Care” and some of them are not. If you are not clear on any of the above and you or your family have suffered or think they have been cancer misdiagnosed please call us now on 01 9038579 to discuss your legal options.

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