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It is true that in order to file a personal injury claim then you do not necessarily need to the aid of your Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin in order to file a Personal Injury claim Where we provide advice to decline an award, it is based on 25 years’ experience of assessing the value of claims to achieve a more favourable outcome for our clients than the Injuries Board Assessment. We ensure the valuation of your claim is fair and accurate. Here is an explanation of why it is preferable to get a personal injury solicitor from the start.

Call us now for more information on 01 9038576 In Ireland all claims for injury suffered in an accident have to be filed with the Personal Injuries Assessment Board [PIAB], formerly known as the injuries board. The PIAB and injuries board was set up by the Government of the day in an attempt both to control awards of injury claims and also to get a handle on the costs of making a personal injury claim.

However, even though the process is not that onerous (you can down load a claim form from the internet) it is totally inflexible and can lose you significant time and possibly your claim. Here are the reasons that you should take a personal injury solicitor from the start.

Advantages If you make a factual mistake in completing your PIAB application form for a personal injury claim then they will not tell you and you will only find out only when your claim is rejected. The statute of limitations in Ireland in the vast majority of cases is two years for you to file a valid claim. Hopefully, your time will not run out when the PIAB rejection is received.

A personal injury solicitor Dublin will know what evidence from who and when it is necessary to collect. If you wait until the PIAB process has finished then witnesses may have moved on or forgotten and other evidence may be difficult to get. Do not forget that after your claim is accepted by PIAB that many months may have gone by. Also do not forget that any award maid by PIAB is not binding on the insurance company that you are suing and it is not binding on you!

Personal Injury*

Most of us tend to go through life thinking that only good things will happen to us and for some people it seems that is the case. For others the unthinkable and unpredictable happens and they are involved in an accident which is not their fault and are consequently injured and hurt as a result.

If an accident happens to you and after looking after your health, your injuries and your recovery the next thing that you should look for is Gary Matthews Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin, so that they can evaluate whether or not you may have a claim for your injuries, for the loss of possible income, for your harm and for the loss of your quality of life.

Any Questions for us your Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin? Please call us: 01 9038576 If you have any questions complete our online enquiry form on this page to receive a call back from our legal team. We offer effective Legal Advice. This is the first step in claims process in obtaining Legal Advice from our expert legal team.

These are the kinds of accidents that you may have had? Your Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin, Gary Matthews will be able to advise you on any queries that you might on this subject. So contact him on 01 9038576

Road Traffic accidents*. Where cars, lorries, buses, bikes and pedestrians are involved. Slips, falls and trips*. Where people are injured after contact with a third parties defective surface, a worn carpet or a spill of liquid on the floor causes someone. Work accidents and injuries*. These accidents often happen in the work place either when health and safety is not applied or not enough training is performed or due to faulty or defective tools or machinery.

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Medical negligence*

Medical Negligence is the failure on the part of a medical negligence solicitor to provide a reasonable  standard of treatment, resulting in personal injury or loss to the patient

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