The suburb of Drumcondra is one of the most popular residential areas in Dublin, Ireland. The traditional suburb has a social scene characterized by hip bistros, vintage pubs, and trendy modern bars. It’s bordered by several major roads such as Griffith Avenue, Whitworth Road, Ballybough Road, and Philipsburgh Avenue. The town is also home to the Croke Park stadium, a world-famous stadium for native Irish sports. Other attractions include the National Botanic Gardens, which boast restored Victorian glasshouses and a beautiful rose garden. There are also museum exhibits on Irish history and culture at Glasnevin Cemetery discover more information on your trip here.

The area is easily accessible, with wide paths and talking traffic lights. The National Council for the Blind has a branch in Drumcondra, making it a great place for people who are blind or visually impaired to live. Despite its gentrification, the town still retains its charm. And if you're looking for a home in the suburb of Dublin, it's definitely worth checking out. It's one of the best areas for anyone living in the city, whether it's for work or play.

The neighbourhood of Drumcondra is located between Dublin's north and south-east sides. The area has two major rivers running through it: the River Tolka and the Royal Canal. The area is also home to many GAA games and a botanical garden. In addition to these attractions, visitors can also enjoy an independent cafe or a tasty creperie. There are several historic Victorian landmarks in the area. The Art and Business Campus is the location of the new Respond! Housing Association our company website for info.

The neighborhood is located about four kilometres from the city centre. It has many restaurants and pubs. The Ivy House, The Cat and Cage, and Il Corvo are three of the best, and are recommended when visiting the Dublin area. In addition to the food scene, the area has great shopping and entertainment options. The community also has many places of worship. It is home to the former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, the architect Dermot Bannon, the journalist Eamon Dunphy, and the singer Orla Gartland.

The neighborhood is known for its canal, wooded streets, and a lively community of students. The town has a high concentration of students. The neighborhood has plenty of places to shop and eat. It is a popular place for families with children. A local craft market is held every Wednesday. Other notable venues in the area include Andersons Café and Restaurant 104. The neighborhood is renowned for its many pubs. If you have a special dietary requirement, a nearby supermarket may be the best option.

The suburb of Drumcondra is an ideal location for families and singles alike. It is close to the city center, which means it is an easy commute. It is also close to the airport and has excellent public transportation connections. Its dining and cafe scene is as diverse and eclectic as any other part of Dublin. It is also home to some of the country's most famous people. For example, former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern is the most famous native of the district, while other notable names include writer Eamon Dunphy and artist Orla Gartland are famous and well-known.