One of the most popular neighborhoods in the city is Glasnevin, on the northside. This quiet neighborhood is close to the center, but is not as crowded as nearby areas. It’s bordered by several roads such as Crestfield Road, Walsh Road, Barrow Road and the Royal Canal Way. This area is a good choice for families and those with children, as it features several popular attractions. Some famous residents include actor Colm Meaney and biochemist Roisin Owens. However, it is not just families who choose Glasnevin for its peaceful atmosphere.

The vast green spaces of the Glasnevin area make it a popular spot for visitors. The National Botanic Gardens in this neighbourhood feature a historic glasshouse, great palm house, arboretum, and a variety of plants. Located near the botanical gardens, you can also visit the nearby Glasnevin Cemetery, which includes a museum and guided tours of graves of Irish personalities. You can also enjoy traditional pub food and brunch spots in the neighborhood.

The cemetery has a museum that was opened in 2010 and features an exhibit called "City of the Dead". This exhibition takes place in the basement of the building and features interactive displays that allow visitors to stroll through the graveyard and witness the burial process. The grounds are surrounded by high walls, which were built to deter grave robbers. Visitors will find areas where disease epidemics occurred, including a Typhoid outbreak area recommended you read this next one.

Located near the city center, Glasnevin Cemetery is a historical landmark. The main cemetery is a large, pyramid-shaped structure, and watchtowers mark the entrance. The nearby St. Paul's Cemetery is a more recent addition, and is located beyond the green space. You can even find the National Botanic Gardens adjacent to the main cemetery. The city is also home to Ireland's oldest church, which was built by a Protestant monk in the 13th century.

It is named for the priest of the parish - Daniel O'Connell, a prominent political figure in Ireland. The Liberator of Ireland is buried at the cemetery. This monument is home to the famous O'Connell Tower here is our information main portal.

The Penal Laws of the 18th century did not allow Catholics to bury their dead in a private plot. In addition, the city's religious community was divided by race. As a result, people from all backgrounds were buried in the cemetery. This diversity made it a popular destination for tourists. And since the town of Glasnevin has become so large, it is a popular spot for locals.

The cemetery is home to thousands of graves. The Glasnevin cemetery is the largest cemetery in the country. There are tombs for Irish patriots and a number of notable figures, including Eamon de Valera and Michael Collins. The latter was executed by the British government and enraged the Irish people. This story has been commemorated in many media and in fact, Paul Robeson's ballad has been sung in the area.