Guinness Storehouse

Arthur Guinness (1725–1803) founded the brewery in 1759. Since that date in history the brewery has taken over all of the land right down to the river Liffey; in the distant past, the brewery had its own private railway which was connected to the Irish rail network and there was a huge gate which stretched all the way over St James’s Street. This huge gate lent its name as the brewery’s name, the St James’s Gate Brewery. In its zenith way back last century in the 1930s, they had over 5000 employees, which made it by some way at that time the largest employer in Dublin. New modern techniques such as increased automation have reduced their payroll to about 600, but after all they produce 2.5 million pints of the black stuff every single day.

Visitors and tourists to the Storehouse in Dublin will get to have one of those great iconic drinks at the end of your trip. Your tour will take you through about 4 acres of a multimedia and interactive presentation that is on the Storehouse floor highlighting every single aspect of the Guinness story and production of their products. They will even teach you the perfect technique of pouring a perfect pint of the black stuff!! Prepare to be wowed by the quality, the brilliance, the investment, its history, the evolution and the marketing, do not forget the marketing.

The fact is you will be completely hooked on Guinness when you finally get the world famous your hand on a pint and get the white head of the pint pass over your lips on the roof of the building and in what is known as the Gravity Bar. They say it is not only the most wonderful pint of Guinness in the world but also, for those who are really enthusiastic there is what they call the “Connoisseur Experience”, this is when you will be given a barman who will give you the full chapter and verse on the four types of Guinness;

  • Draught
  • Original
  • Foreign Extra Stout
  • Black Lager

You will of course be invited to sample the four types of Guinness if you wish!!

For those that have a passion for Guinness and this is very popular with the ladies there is what they call STOUTie, the Guinness equivalent of what some do with latte coffees. This is where the barman draws, an accurate artistic good likeness of yourself in the creamy head of the pint of Guinness. Unfortunately you are not able to take it away but it makes a great photograph.

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