How much do solicitors charge for no win no fee?

How much do solicitors charge for no win no fee?

Numerous people want to pursue justice, but personal injury lawyers’ cost deters them from making a claim. Luckily, no win no fee agreement allows people to make personal injury claims without upfront legal fees.

No Win No Fee Accident Claim Explained

Recovering from an injury is expensive and takes a toll on one’s emotional health. This makes it daunting to pay the legal fee for one to get justice.

Today, personal injury solicitors will represent you in court on a no win no fee basis. Basically, this means that you will only pay the solicitor’s fee if they help you win your claim.

Entering into a no win no fee agreement means that the right solicitor will finance the legal costs of your injury claim and only get their fee from the compensation awarded. This means that you will not incur costs until the case is determined. Solicitors kick off by reviewing your case to ensure an almost 100% probability of winning a claim exists. They take the risk on your behalf, and in return, you pay their legal fees after winning the lawsuit.


After winning your claim, you will need to reimburse your solicitor for payments made to other parties connected with your personal injury claim.  These extra costs are known as disbursements and must be paid by you if you win your case.  Disbursements are characterized by medical report fees, photocopying expenses, expert witness fees, title searches, court fees, and barrister’s fees.

What Is A Must Include in A No Win No Fee Agreement?

Some items must be included in a no win no fee agreement.

Cooling Off Period

The agreement must include a cooling-off period of at least fourteen  business days. You can change your mind during the cooling-off period if you are dissatisfied or sceptical with your solicitor. To end your agreement officially, you have to write to your solicitor within the cooling-off period.




Definition of A “Win”

No win no fee agreements must be formulated in a way that forms a “win” in your injury claim. The term “win” means a successful outcome. Therefore, you must win your claim for your attorney to charge the entire legal costs in your fee arrangement. It is essential to note that a lawyer is entitled to legal fees if the terms of the agreement change when the process is underway, regardless of whether you win your case or not. For instance, if you decide to drop your case or hire a special solicitor, your initial lawyer is entitled to a solicitor’s fee.

Independent Advice from a Personal Injury Solicitor

Reputable law firms offer independent legal advice before you sign an agreement. It entails hacks to get maximum compensation whether they represent you in court proceedings or not. A no win no fee claim should be in writing and in simple, understandable language.  Besides, you and your attorney must sign it to make it a binding contract before any legal representation. If you don’t understand some articles of the agreement, it is prudent to ask for legal aid from a different lawyer before you sign the agreement.

Legal Insurance Policy

When making any medical negligence claims, you must have an insurance cover at hand. The insurance cover protects you from the risk of compensating the other side’s legal costs if you lose your claim. The complexity of your case determines the cost of no win no fee insurance policy.

An insurance company protects you from the defendant side’s legal costs, medical costs, and court costs. The cover makes the no win no fee agreement completes by paying other legal costs if your compensation claims fail. If you have another protection insurance cover in place, the cover will come in handy if your claim fails. However, your solicitor will verify whether your cover is appropriate for no win no fee agreement coverage. If it is not suitable, they will look for a proper cover for your case.

What Can A No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claim Cover?

The right personal injury solicitor starts with checking how the accident or medical negligence has affected your physical and emotional health, work, and family.  Each case is unique, and the maximum compensation settlement varies from one case to another. Severity, injury type, the financial impact on your life, and recovery time determines the amount awarded in a personal injury. The most common negative impacts covered by a personal injury claim include:

  • Changes in your work
  • Any physical or emotional harm
  • Medical expenses to be incurred in the future as a result of the accident
  • The care given during the recovery time
  • Travel costs incurred when travelling for treatment and any cost of home modifications
  • Loss of earning as a result of the accident

Most solicitors treat each case with complete confidentiality. Additionally, they listen to you and treat each case on an individual basis. That means that the solicitors charge depending on the particular situation. However, the cost of no win no fee services should never exceed 30% of the total compensation.



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