The suburb of Beaumont is located on the Northside of Dublin and is part of Dublin 9 postcode district. The name is derived from the French for 'beautiful mount'. The town is a family-friendly area. It is bordered by Coolgariff Road, Collins Avenue, Malahide Road and Beaumont Road. Some people live here for many reasons. Some like the clean air and picturesque views of Georgian and Wicklow Mountains. Others just love the friendly locals. Whatever your reasons are for visiting the town, you're sure to find something to enjoy!

The Beaumont area is unique in its blend of commercial and residential life. The city is also home to Ireland's largest medical facility. The neighborhood is a commuter hub with bus and train services serving the surrounding areas. The area's growing population of non-nationals and immigrant workers have created a friendly atmosphere, while the local population is thriving and diverse. For more information about the suburb, visit its website more information and helpful hints and places.

The town is a popular place for residents and tourists alike. A number of restaurants, pubs, and shopping centres are located in and around the neighbourhood. At the heart of the community is the Beaumont Hospital. The Sisters of Mercy convalescent home is located in the same building. The area is home to several residential areas, such as the Ballybough Estate, which was built in the 1960s. Throughout the neighbourhood, there are many pubs, shops, and restaurants.

The village is largely residential, with the only business being a single-family house. The population is 17,445 as of the 2016 census. Residents enjoy parks and green spaces. Smaller parks include Beaumont Woods, Rockfield Park, and Ardmore Park. There is a larger park, Ellenfield Park, which has a playground, council tennis courts, and an artificial football pitch. Despite the large population, the area is still a primarily bus-only suburb, and the main public transportation is by bus.

There are many attractions in the town. The local mall is a popular destination for shoppers and has more than a dozen boutiques. There is also a park in the neighborhood, with a playground and council tennis courts. The upscale town of Beaumont is home to a discerning pub and museum. If you're in the mood for some food and drink, check out the nearby Artane Castle. If you're a beer lover, visit the Guinness brewery to sample the original version our site we recommend for you.

There are several parks in the area, including the small ones that are close to the town center. The larger park is called Ellenfield Park. It is home to a discerning pub that is located near the hospital. The church is located on the old airport road. It has been blessed by Pope John Paul II while his motorcade passed. There are other nearby churches and schools that serve this area. The most popular bus routes in the town are the 14, 14C, and the 16 route.