Medical Negligence * Cases Examples

There are various types of Medical Negligence cases and here are a few examples, some you might recognize as they have only recently been in the news in the recent past;

  1. Birth Injuries

There are different kinds of birth injuries. Very often birth injuries are temporary and unfortunately if permanent they can last a lifetime. Symptoms are often very variable from one child to another. Some children may suffer mild symptoms; other children may suffer severe and lifelong symptoms. Sometimes the affects of the birth injury may be immediate; sometimes it can take until schooling to become evident.

Most types of injuries suffered by a child at birth are brain related. Very often, brain injuries develop from a lack of oxygen during delivery. When a brain has been deprived from oxygen, it reacts in various ways by causing either physical and or mental defects.

  1. Surgical Injuries

Surgical Injuries are related to error of an attending surgeon, a consultant, anesthesiologist or nursing staff. Unfortunately surgical errors and injuries occur. Surgical errors can be classified as;

  • Removal of the wrong limb
  • Leaving tools inside the body
  • Heart repairs
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Bypass errors
  • Infections
  1. Medicines Errors

While most medicines are normally safe and effective for their intended uses, many others have resulted in injuries or death. Before prescribing prescription medicine, doctors must fully understand the medicine’s dangers and any potential side effects, and then they must make sure that the patient is fully informed of the possible risks and side effects.

  1. Failure to diagnose correctly

The failure to diagnose a patient correctly is a term known in the legal and medical world representing the failure of a medical prescriber, a doctor, a consultant, a surgeon etc to detect a patients physical or mental condition before serious or fatal consequences develop. When the failure to diagnose is negligent on the part of the prescriber, that is if the prescriber was using a reasonable “standard of care” should have detected the problem sooner.

  1. Injuries from Misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose

Just like claims for failure to diagnose or delay in diagnosis, the misdiagnosis of a disease or condition can have devastating results. For instance, a delay in cancer treatment caused by misdiagnosis can affect your quality of life and your survival chances and very recently in Ireland we have had the cervical smear debacle. Patients smears were in some cases misdiagnosed and were then not informed that a mistake had been made for some time, in some cases for years. This has resulted in some cases of women whose families found out after they had passed on before they were informed and in other cases where treatment performed at the time of the misdiagnosis would have given them a reasonable chance of being successful.

Although Medical Negligence claims can come from most of the headings above the list is far from being exhaustive. Be prepared though for a long and arduous road in a Medical negligence claim and it is essential that you instruct a Personal Injury lawyer to navigate that road on your behalf.

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